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Anonymous: When you're about to give a handjob, and intend to use lube, do you put the lube on your hand or on his penis? And how much? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but i just can't picture how it would be done?

I usually put it on my hands. I rub them together like lotion!

"We need more bisexual girls in fiction. Happy out and proud. Sad and closeted and scared. Bi girls of color. Trans and genderqueer and two-spirit bi characters. Bi characters who don’t know they’re bi until someone tells them bisexuality is real. Bi girls pretending to be straight. Bi girls pretending to be lesbians. Immigrant bi girls who have got bigger issues to worry about than being bi. With more diversity in our bi girls in fiction, one bi girl character with internalized biphobia won’t stick out so terribly."
-(via raggedyanndy)
Realized something today.

I ran away from you because I was starting to fall and that fucking scared me.

Anonymous: Do women like breast to be sucked

Depends on the female- but I vote hellllll yes!