Sex: Tips, Tricks & Secrets Revealed
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Anonymous: Im scared that I smell bad. My boyfriend and me fuck a lot but he rarely eats me out... What do i do?

Some guys just don’t enjoy it. Tell him you want him to kiss your other lips and see how it goes

Anonymous: I'm a girl and I masterbate about 4-5 times a week is that too much? Is it unhealthy?? Should I cool it

I don’t think there is a limit on it. I do it often too!

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blissfvl-dreams: Hey so I'm 16 and I've been dating my boyfriend for 5 months now but I've known him for years. Were both virgins and I do really love him and want to have sex but I'm also scared of if we break up or something. But I wanted to know if girls really do get attached after their first time and if you feel like I'm too young?

I lost my virginity when I was 18 to a guy I was with for 2 months. He was my “first love”. He was so nice and sweet. Honestly, I broke up with him 7 months later only because it was just like being with a friend. I didn’t “love” him like I thought I did. I just realized he was so nice and treated me so right but I knew I didn’t want to be with him forever. We had a calm civil breakup and I’m glad he was my first. Moral of my story? Only you know if it’s time to lose your virginity. My younger sister is 16 & I don’t even want to think about her having sex. Personally I don’t think I would be ready at 16 for that stage. It’s all about what you feel and want!

Anonymous: ok this may sounds silly but how do you not like shit your self when you do anal? or fart lol ive always wonderidd!!!

Hahaha. Well afterwards I’m always gassy. You just make sure to go before hand in the day or if you think you may need to go, do not have anal.

butwaitt: If only I had met you in a different way so you could be my first girl.

This made me smile a lot.

gotta love when you’re having sex & you have that “where is he gonna cum this time” moment lololol. 

Anal. Some say do, some say don’t. But here are some tips.

Anallllll. Such an interesting topic of conversation. My friends all think I’m nuts for loving it. 

If you want to try anal, and I vote YES, here are some pointers.

1. Get into position as if you’re about to do doggy, and spread your legs as much as possible. Have a pillow nearby or under you. This will come in handy, whether to bury your face in while you moan or to grip onto when it happens.

2. I’m not saying anal is a picnic the first time. It still hurts me. I don’t have anal often because my boyfriend thinks it’s weird, sadly, but it’s great. Lube. Lube will be your very very best friend for anal. I use “Booty Ease” by Pure Romance. (Cough I sell it if you need it) and its A GOD SEND. It’s amazing.  

3. GO SLOW. Don’t let them ram right into your ass! Christ it’s tight, you gotta work into it. Slow and steady wins this race. 

4. Ease into it.. maybe with toys? I love butt plugs. Try inserting one while having vaginal sex. Not only will it help loosen you up buuuuuut the orgasm you’ll have is mindblowing when your aspot is triggered. 

Anal is not for everyone and I def understand that. But seriously, don’t be afraid to try it!